Ich verstehe nicht

Not understanding most of the words I see, they could say the most marvellous things. The words on the paper bag that held my breadrolls could be a fairytale and the signs on the sides of buildings could be descriptions of dreams. I stare at them and pick out the few words I know.
Of course, they say the same mundane things that they would say on the breadbags and signs that I can understand: the bread is fresh and baked daily, and the apartments are large and desireable.
Coming across English, as I do quite a lot, is a strange experience as I find myself suddenly comprehending the words without a thought. Suddenly I am reading and understanding. There is no way that I can turn off the part of my mind that makes sense of these words. They hook into me, I cannot float through them and pretend they mean fantastic things.


One Response to “Ich verstehe nicht”

  1. Hugh Wade Says:

    Lovely, just lovely. The words, images and emotions are beautifully and crisply presented. I’ve been an Aussie in the 21st century Berlin cold and am familiar with those wonderful jagged put-together words.
    Great blog … keep on buzzing grrrl.
    Be there myself in June for a long Europen summer. Yum.

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