Horse Apple


You buy this from a small fruit stall at Halle train station. You eat it while the train slides through the fields, and people sitting around you finish off their day’s work on laptops, or shut their eyes and dream. The apple is from China. One had the Playboy symbol and the words “I Live You” on it. You found the horse more appropriate, but no less strange.

You are on a train from Halle to Leipzig, eating a Chinese apple with a horse design bleached onto it.

You are thinking what you are doing while you are doing it. It runs through your head like a caption. Much much rarer is to just find yourself being, without you thoughts being moulded into descriptions. You cannot remember the last time you caught yourself unawares.


2 Responses to “Horse Apple”

  1. berry, fiona. Says:

    Einsturzende baten?

  2. berry, fiona. Says:

    hah I commented on the wrong entry! My comment on horse apple is:that is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen.

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