I am home and I love the weeds growing through cracks in concrete driveways, and the smell of gardens. I am pleased to be home because I feel like I have had quite enough experience for the time being, I need time to drag it away and chew on it.

Because of the many problems I had in Leipzig, I didn’t get to write on this blog as much as I had planned, or wished to, which is a shame. Over the next few weeks I will post some scanned pages from my notebook, and then that will be it. So short, our affair. So, in advance, before the notebook pages start popping up, thank you for reading my letters from Germany. I will perhaps see you in the non-virtual world, which I feel I inhabit more successfully.


One Response to “Zuruck”

  1. kath Says:

    I love seeing plants growing through the concrete too – even weeds I guess. it’s like nature’s comeback – stage 1. it’s nice to find them on train rides poking through the concrete platform. maybe one day nature will win after all

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